Bénéfices pour les Opérateurs Télécom

- Increase ARPU and customer loyalty

VAVOOMB™ enables you to capture a broader set of revenues: voice, mobile broadband and new VoIP revenues. This wide range of service creates stickiness: after all, who would want to leave a service provider who not only maintained their mobile communications, but gave them seamless integration with the cost benefits of VoIP? It’s compelling!

- Don’t join ranks with the OTT providers – surpass them

OTT has done us a favour – given us another way to serve our subscribers. Now that everyone knows about VoIP, you can leverage this concept: give subscribers all the benefits of VoIP with the added benefits of enhanced call quality, multiple device ringing and call transfer, and single user identity.

- Attract more customers!
VAVOOMB™ offers subscribers something they never had before – the ability to integrate all forms of communication in one place. No matter where they are, they appear to the world under their primary identity: their mobile phone number. VAVOOMB™ can be the reason new people join your network.