Qualilty environment and safety Management


QSE Management software solution allows you to deploy a single interface modules needed to manage the system Intégéré Quality - Safety - Environment.




Vdoc is a flexible, scalable and customizable. Whether for your customers, colaborateurs, your suppliers, partners, opt for an ergonomic interface type website with a single back-office:
- Set the units and subunits
- View in tree graphic
- Combine the outcomes of Electronic Document Management Integrated units of work
- Prioritize risks



Enjoy a single access point to your system:
- Choose your method of evaluation
- Define the evaluation criteria and their value
- Identify the hazards associated with working units



The module offers portal features promoting exchange, communication and collaboration:
- Repositories "Family risk", "Danger", "Damages" are integrated in QSE Mangement.
- Enhance and edit repositories based on your wishes.

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"