RegioSIS Group is a consulting firm specializing in organization and management Audit, Consulting, Engineering information systems for small, medium and large businesses and Senegal in Africa OHADA. The group aims to provide all the services expected from a firm auditing and consulting in information systems and in the service of improved financial performance, organizational and operational these customers .

With the combined expertise of our two areas of expertise, Consulting & Engineering in SI, and support provided by the experiences of its members, the group focuses its business development RegioSIS with small, medium and large businesses, but particularly in accounts in the financial industry, public sector and utilities.

Our business approach leans on a policy referencing after major clients (CEO / CIO / DAF / Controlling / Chartered Accountant / Auditor ...). Combining all the benefits of the IT services and consulting firm and strong ability to cover the entire value chain of a proposed development of an organization or system information RegioSIS Group involves teams and players of expert performance, strategic objectives and backbone of the company.

- Our vocation: Share the challenges and support the transformation projects of our customers and we fully invest in their success, in a spirit of partnership and sustainable commitment.


- Our vision: Develop confidence in mobilizing teams, players performance, strategic objectives and unifying the company.


- Our commitment: To system information tool our customers productivity and growth.


- Our Values: Personalization, responsiveness and quality


  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"