IT outsourcing


We offer a tailored outsourcing solution, developed from a study on the nature of your needs and wishes of your customers.

Regiosis designs and implements services around telecom infrastructure and information systems.

Our Managed Services aims to ensure uninterrupted service of your tool. For this we make regular preventive visits on all of your computers (servers, workstations, printers, hub, router, ...) according to a rhythm and periodicity defined in common.


Regiosis Group also offers an agile and responsive outsourcing which maintains operational conditions in your infrastructure and your applications while aligning your permanent information system on your business challenges.



Nevertheless, we can distinguish three types of outsourcing:

  • Architecture : we take care of your hardware (servers, workstations, networks), you remain responsible for your applications
  • Applicative : we take our load your applications, maintenance, possible developments and improvements.
  • Complete : we take our responsibility to all components of your computing environment (Hardware and Software).


  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"