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  • cloud computing Cloud computing is a concept that is to deport on remote servers for storage and computer processing traditionally located on the local server or on the user's workstation
  • ged Set of tools and techniques to dematerialize, classify, manage and store documents.
  • voip Telephony solution tailored to your employees
  • vas - Messaging solutions - Mobile advertising solutions - Calls and media solutions
  • sf Our solution includes an online repository, integrated into your intranet, or on the web, consisting of fact sheets
  • ge Regulate the relationships among the many stakeholders involved in your company
  • bi Data management and business intelligence
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Management of Electronic Information and Documents Existing GED (formerly digital archiving and GOL) is a set of tools and techniques that ...


Depending on the choice of technology, we manage the integration of software within the information system by controlling the impacts on heritage ....


The global recession has forced companies to focus on the efficiency and quality of service / product to achieve increased market competition should focus on ...


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Projects related to information systems are strategic for the company and its organization. African companies have therefore a challenge in a competitive business world, standards and harmonized rules ever more complex technologies rely on increasingly sophisticated. The information system should not only support all activities and business processes of organizations, enabling them to measure their performance, but must also reflect the different relationships maintained by firms with their environment

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