Electronic Document Management


If you answer "yes" to more than four questions, you definitely need an Electronic Document Management



Management of Electronic Information and Documents Existing GED (formerly digital archiving and GOL) is a set of tools and techniques to dematerialize, classify, manage and store documents From many sources (software, desktop, email, ...) your body produces and stores the information daily in large quantities with all issues related to the management of this information. An EDM system allows you to create folders from documents from heterogeneous software or from various sources. You can easily create a file "clients" from faxes, emails, scanned documents or from your software.


EDM function is to organize and manage information and documents received or produced within an organization/

- Share documents inside and outside, with your employees, your partners and your customers.

- Control the flow of many paper and electronic documents received and generated daily in your organization

- Instantly find a document

- Quick access to available documents, independently, without constraints of time or place.

- Meet the legal requirements for archiving.

How to organize your records to enable reliable and integrated conservation until the end of the life cycle of the document? How to federate all documents, regardless of their origin in the same database information? How do you ensure that the information can be used and handled safely by your employees, your partners and your customers?


  • Management eMails

  • Mail management

  • Data acquisition

  • Information Management

  • Publication Information




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