Audit is the first step in a process of improvement. It provides a clear, objective, and if possible a shared situation or mode.
In addition, the reliability of the accounts depends primarily on the relevance of the information system and the quality of the architecture implementation. The increasing complexity of solutions offered by providers, the generalization of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and specific developments that accompany them, and the safety issues associated with Web technologies, need to have sharp skills and experiences in order to assess the risks enterprise computing.
The team RegioSIS Group consists of complementary skills necessary for successful audits assigned.


  • Our offer : is organized around two skill levels completely mastered by our consultants: The audit of information systems and audit by the Information Systems
  • Our Approach : is based on the model COBIT (Control Objective for Information and Technology), which provides the framework generally accepted safety and control of Information Technology, consists in making the diagnosis of the most important IT processes for the company, used to evaluate the mode of "governance" of the computer (roles, responsibilities, performance measurement, ...), and provides practical recommendations,
  • Our offer : Evaluate accounting flows - Identify and manage risks to financial information system and associated projects - Evaluate and optimize the IT function - Strengthen internal audit teams on aspects of information systems - Support the implementation of projects related to information systems management - Strengthen the internal control - Evaluate and optimize the accounting and finance
  • Our intervention logic : Our teams are assisted by experts, each with a strong knowledge of technical and market solutions. This complementarity is making a relevant vision and measurement perspectives developments architectures. We work also with the Auditors in their duties of certification of accounts, including: - As part of the audit of systems supporting inventory valuation or cost calculations.



Organizations operate in a changing environment between structural reforms (laws or new financial standards, etc.), the constant changes of jobs and skills to the upheavals same modes of work organization (new relationship to time and space, opening of business on the environment). They must not seulemenst improve responsiveness and market performance (pressure on prices, increased competition, open markets), ensuring alignment of resources with the needs of today and tomorrow, but also conduct their clients through organizational transformations, functional and technological. Too often, the impact on ways of organizing work on trade flows or underlying organization under - estimated. And the results are not up to their investments.


  • Our expertise :

    Sectoral expertise to benchmarking best practices.
  • Our approach :

    Sectoral expertise to benchmarking best practices. Our approach: is organized around five levels skill completely mastered by our consultants:
           - Organization & management
           - IT Governance
           - Advice & assistance in the financial industry
           - E-Business Strategy
           - Decision
    We are continuing to develop our services, capitalizing on our experience by industry, in a logic of excellence.
          - Banking and Insurance
          - Community and Public Sector
          - Industry and Services
  • Our Intervention Logic :
    We also rely on the expertise of our lawyers partners to implement the legal aspects of assembly (shareholder agreements, exit clauses, clause, clause accretion, covenants ...). As well as our partners in Corporate Finance, fundamental step in the project business, the financing strategy of long-term financing can be critical. Seeking capital and optimization methods of business financing for projects of information systems remain key strategic issues. We carry out our mission by providing practical assistance tailored to each project in the context and culture of our clients. We record our approach results in a logical and fast successive victories and are driven by a real team spirit, sense of commitment and added value to our customers.

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"

  • "Our expertise to your requirement!"